We want to establish an entirely 
new green industry based on chloroplast 
biomass, a completely unexploited 
feedstock category

A Green Biorefinery utilizes chloroplast biomass such as alfalfa, clover, grass, or green immature wheat cultivated to produce biomolecules, green chemicals, and bioenergy. 

A sustainable system

Project news

  • 26th Yeast conference, VH Berlin, April 2013 Thank's to an invitation by VH Berlin, we were able to present our Bio-A-Fraction development and testing results at VH Yeast Conference in Berlin (15-16 of ...
    Posted Apr 24, 2013, 6:52 AM by Gruene Bioraffinerie
  • Alfalfa contracts / erba medica We are seeking organic certified alfalfa (erba medica / luzerne):•2014/2015: 2500-5000 t S.S. (300-500 ha) •2015/2016: 7500 t S.S. (750-1000 ha) •2016/2017 ...
    Posted Nov 11, 2013, 5:45 AM by Gruene Bioraffinerie
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Green Biorefinery Investment Project
ingredients for organic yeast


a liquid rich in amino acids, phosphorus, and vitamins. 
Excellent for organic yeast production.
Best organic yeat results in market at lowest cost - 
truly disruptive!

Tested with yeast industry and VH Berlin - 
great results... read more


io-A-Fraction is just the beginning - 
huge potential of Green Biorefinery... read more

- Chloroplasts are the solar power plants of 
  green biomass
- Next generation closed loop system
- Versatile building blocks of an entirely new raw
  material category